Chimie 11/Chimie avancée 11

Chimie 11/Chimie avancée 11 - First Semester

Chimie 11/Chimie avancée 11 consists of three units of study:

Unit 1: Stoichiometry. Focuses on the introduction of the mole as a standard unit, studies reaction types and product predictions based on balanced chemical equations;

Unit 2: Structures and Properties. Studies chemical bonding along with structures and properties of substances and trends in the periodic table. It extends models of atoms to models of bonding to examine how the properties of matter and theoretical explanations about its behaviour are linked. Lewis structure and VSEPR theory is studied;

Unit 3: Organic Chemistry. Nomenclature of hydrocarbons, continues the study functional groups.

Chimie avancée 11

The content topics of this course parallel the Chimie 11 course but provide a greater depth of topics, and therefore are subjected to a higher level of problems on assignments and tests. As well students are required in many cases to do extra lab work.


Additional course details and documents are available on the Nova Scotia Curriculum site’s Chemistry 11/Advanced Chemistry 11.


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