Advanced English 12

First Semester

Advanced English 12 is an extension of Advanced English 11 and is characterized by additional content and curriculum outcomes that that place further emphasis on the development of abstract thinking, critical analysis, acute awareness of personal and cultural paradigms, and the sophisticated articulation of these targets.

  • This course will expand and extend learning in both theoretical
  • and applied aspects of the subject area and will focus on in-depth treatment of selected copies,
  • independent learning and reflection,
  • extended research projects / case studies,
  • critical and cultural literacies.

Additional course details and documents are available on the Nova Scotia Curriculum site’s Advanced English 12.

Course Additional Information

Course Materials


Required Texts are provided digitally by NSVS. Other texts for student choice should be available from the school library or other sources. A limited selection is available digitally within the course.





Laptop or desktop device with Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS. Webcam and headset with microphone. Access to Google Workspace for Education (GNSPES/SEPNE) or other productivity software.

Students will also require a means to record audio for interviewing purposes.

Course Picture Gallery

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