Physics 11/Advanced Physics 11

First Semester and Second Semester

Physics 11 consists of five units, each of which covers theory, labs and problem solving.

Unit 1:  Displacement, velocity and acceleration;

Unit 2:  Forces and force vectors, Newton’s Laws, friction, incline planes;

Unit 3:  Work, energy and power;

Unit 4:  Impulse, momentum and one-dimensional collisions;

Unit 5:  Simple harmonic motion, waves, light and sound.

Advanced Physics 11

Units covered in Advanced Physics 11 parallel those taught in Physics 11, but in much greater depth with greater emphasis placed on laboratory work and an investigative approach to studying physics. Students will be expected to work at a higher level of problem solving and are required to do a literature search and report.


Additional course details and documents are available on the Nova Scotia Curriculum site’s Physics 11/Advanced Physics 11.

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