Canadian Families 12

First Semester and Second Semester

Canadian Families 12 examines the nature of families through the lens of Maslow's hierarchy of Human Needs. Using demographic information, students will explore and research the challenges faced by Canadian families and look at society's response to those challenges.

The course reflects the following themes: Relationship Skills, Consumerism and Financial Management, Changing Canadian Culture, Community Connections, Resource Acquisition and Management, and Life/Work Skill Development. This course also includes an independent study project where students will identify an issue affecting Canadian families today and research the issue from the perspective of current trends, societal and personal impact, and support systems.

Additional course details and documents are available on the Nova Scotia Curriculum site’s Canadian Families 12.

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Course Materials


Individuals and Families: Diverse Perspectives" by McGraw-Hill Ryerson




Laptop or desktop device with Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS. Webcam and headset with microphone. Access to Google Workspace for Education (GNSPES/SEPNE) or other productivity software.


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