Canadian History 11

Second Semester

Canadian History 11 is organized around five continuing or persistent questions in Canada's history and form the basis for five of the six units in the course: Globalization, Development, Sovereignty, Governance, and Justice.
The sixth unit, Independent Study, engages students in a specific piece of historical research.
Historiography and the historical method are central to this course in its examination of Canada's history from the first peoples in North America to the present.

Key topics include:

First Nations, Colonialism, Confederation, the World Wars, Free Trade, Constitutional Issues, Canada's Role in the Global Community, Industrialization, Human Rights Issues, and Immigration/Migration.


Additional course details and documents are available on the Nova Scotia Curriculum site’s Canadian History 11.

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Canada's History - Voices and Visions Author Susan LeBel, Jeff Orr



Laptop or desktop device with Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS. Webcam and headset with microphone. Access to Google Workspace for Education (GNSPES/SEPNE) or other productivity software.

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