Océans 11

First and Second Semester

Océans 11 is intended for students in French immersion and follows the same course outline as Oceans 11. This an academic course that begins to explore the foundation topics of the science of the marine world.  The course explores the oceans in four modules: 1. The Structure and Movement of the Ocean  2.  The Marine Biome  3.  Coastal Zones   4.  Aquaculture and Exploitation of Oceans

The course is designed for students to garner an appreciation of the ocean via virtual experimentation, documentation and research of global and local marine issues as well as the role humans play in the sustainability of the Earth's oceans.


Additional course details and documents are available on the Nova Scotia Curriculum site’s Océans 11.

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Laptop or desktop device with Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS. Webcam and headset with microphone. Access to Google Workspace for Education (GNSPES/SEPNE) or other productivity software.


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