Global Geography 12/Advanced Global Geography 12

First Semester and Second Semester

Global Geography 12 explores major contemporary global issues, using the discipline of geography, in an attempt to answer the question, "How did the world arrive at its current state at the beginning of the twenty-first century?" This course is organized into five modules and an independent study component. The Global Geographer introduces students to the discipline of geography and establishes important year-long expectations related to skills and understandings, including the concept of interdependence; The Planet Earth examines the unique planet Earth, its ecosystems, the planetary state of health, and the relationship between humans and natural disasters; Population, Resources and Commodities examines measures of quality of life, population distributions and densities, and vital statistics; and, Urbanization looks at patterns of urbanization, models of urban structure, growth trends, and urban improvement strategies. Global Geography 12 students will also be expected to employ research methods appropriate to the discipline of geography.

Advanced Global Geography

Advanced Global Geography covers the same topics as Global Geography but includes modified curriculum outcomes and an additional unit entitled Culture and Politics that examines the global distribution of different cultural groups, the extent to which the environment is affected by cultural attitudes and practices, the evolution of the contemporary global political pattern, and the spatial disjunctions between political, cultural, and other patterns.

Students of the Advanced course will also be expected to plan, research, present, and defend a formal problem-based research project using the skills and methods of geography.

Additional course details and documents are available on the Nova Scotia Curriculum site’s Global Geography 12/Advanced Global Geography 12.

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Laptop or desktop device with Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS. Webcam and headset with microphone. Access to Google Workspace for Education (GNSPES/SEPNE) or other productivity software.

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